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Team Building Opportunities for your business, team, or group

Teambuilding events are on hold due to COVID-19, but if your group would still like to donate and are open to creative ideas to socially distance and build bikes, we are happy to discuss possibilities with you.

We can schedule a Build-a-Bike event for your group, team, school group, business, or other organization.  This is a great way to bring your team together for a fun activity while also investing in our local community by building bikes for kids and youth in foster care. 


How does it work?

Your group determines how many bikes they would like to purchase and build.  We will work with you to coordinate the details and customize your event.  Bike Builds can be held at your organization, our headquarters (for smaller groups), or at another event space.


How much does it cost?  Price varies depending on the group size and the number and type of bikes you would like to build.  Groups are responsible for covering the cost of the bikes you will be building.   Approximately $125-150/per bike.  We purchase the bikes wholesale through our corporate partnerships and deliver them to your event.


How does it benefit your company or group?

Private build a bike event

Recognition on social media

T-shirts, group photo, and lunch (for an additional fee)

Strengthening your team while changing the lives of kids in our local community


Sounds great, how do I make it happen?

Contact and we can start setting up your special day.

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